Daily Crossword April 1 2016 Answers

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Clues Answers
”A Jug of Wine . . .” writer OMAR
”Fancy” follower THAT
”Seeing red” and ”Going green” IDIOMS
”Shut up!” ZIPIT
”The Tempest” character ARIEL
A Gulf State OMAN
Actress Tyler LIV
Angler’s device FLOAT
Appraised RATED
Apt. extras ACS
Barbarous group HUNS
Bestow kudos on LAUD
Cab company alternative UBER
Carry on PLY
Certain calendar page’s coverage ONEMONTH
Chicken feed MEAL
City southeast of Vero Beach FREEPORT
Coin depicting Ataturk LIRA
Core group CADRE
Dietary descriptor LITE
Dragon’s home LAIR
Edwardian, for one ERA
Elton John theater score AIDA
End of the first Millhone novel title ALIBI
Family nickname MAMA
First of September ESS
Force an exit, in a way BOOOFFTHESTAGE
Forget to use OMIT
Form of rain SLEET
Gets promoted RISES
Gold in a Krugerrand OUNCE
Goody two-shoes PRIG
Grammy category, for short RANDB
Hanger-on PEST
Harbor hauler SCOW
Hardly any LITTLE
Helping hand AID
Helps feloniously ABETS
Highly skilled ADEPT
Clues Answers
Highway alert FLARE
Hits with lightning ZAPS
Hopkins’ role in ”Thor” ODIN
Is par for the course, perhaps GOLFS
January PGA Tour locale OAHU
Judicious SANE
Keep from spreading ARREST
Keeps in a hold STOWS
Mac seen with cheese ELBOWS
Minor misjudgment GOOF
Multitude ARMY
National Geographic __ (annual grade-school contest) BEE
Nutrition Facts info FAT
Out of favor INBAD
Overthrow OUST
Palms (off) FOBS
Partner of Edward Jones DOW
Pinkish yellow CORAL
Point a finger at NAME
Points a finger at IDS
Polar bear’s resting spot FLOE
Prehistoric toon barker DINO
Render null UNDO
Rush-hour observation ITSAZOOOUTTHERE
Screamingly unsubtle MUCHTOOOBVIOUS
Shut (up) CLAM
Something sworn OATH
Spiff up, perhaps REDO
Strindberg, by birth SWEDE
Tablet since 2010 IPAD
Took place WAS
Warsaw money ZLOTY
Web-page visit HIT
What early PCs ran on MSDOS
With finesse ABLY
With modesty SHYLY
Word before seat or stereo CAR
Yemen __ Republic ARAB
__ card (cell-phone part) SIM