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USA Today Daily Crossword April 1 2016 Answers

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USA Today Daily Crossword April 1 2016 Answers

Clues Answers
“__ diem” CARPE
“House” actor Epps OMAR
“Hud” star Patricia NEAL
“Just __” (anti-drug slogan) SAYNO
“Paper Roses” singer MARIE OSMOND
“Well, __ you clever!” ARENT
“Wuthering Heights” star MERLEOBERON
$20 dispenser ATM
According to PER
Adorable sort CUTIE
Amorphous mass GLOB
Anchovy holders TINS
Annapolis student (var.) MIDDIE
Appointer of Kagan and Sotomayor OBAMA
Arrow-proof suit ARMOR
Baby barker PUP
Bana of “Black Hawk Down” ERIC
Born, in bios NEE
Building annexes ADDONS
Bunch cocktail MIMOSA
Chocolate substitute CAROB
Deepened, as a canal DREDGED
Dept. of Labor org. OSHA
Diamond spots BASES
Doctors’ org. AMA
Dunderhead BOZO
Electoral map part STATE
Flight segment STAIR
Game show group PANEL
GPS suggestion RTE
Grid star portrayed in “The Blind Side” MICHAEL OHER
Grid star who starred in “Father Murphy” MERLIN OLSEN
Having no ethics AMORAL
Hawkish PROWAR
Hit the big time MADE IT
Homer’s neighbor NED
Kitty starters ANTES
Latish lunchtime ONE
Laudatory verse ODE
Lie ahead for AWAIT
Like a wading pool SHALLOW
Like Cheerios OATEN
Lipstick shades REDS
Macklemore’s music RAP
Market surfeit GLUT
Medicos, informally DOCS
Mollifies EASES
Moved like a crab SIDLED
Moved like goo OOZED
MSN rival AOL
NFL analyst Collinsworth CRIS
Noble act DEED
On the warpath MAD
PC troubleshooters TECHS
Pelota catcher CESTA
Pep rally cry RAH
Popular tattoo word MOM
Pundit’s piece OPED
Raptor’s claw TALON
Report card mark GRADE
Respond to ACT ON
Royal decree EDICT
Sculptor’s tool CHISEL
Seized car REPO
Shore (up) PROP
Slogan writers, e.g. ADMEN
Smelter input ORE
Spice with which nutmeg shares a source MACE
Suffix with butyl ENE
Take flight to unite ELOPE
Tesla, for one CAR
Thin, like cirrus clouds WISPY
This and that THESE
Took for a ride USED
Under-oath words I DO
Vitamin bootle fig. RDA
Whittle (down) PARE
Year-end mall worker SANTA

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