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We have found the following answers matching the query 'Balloon' in our database: For more stats and recent usage scroll down and continue reading. Balloon crossword clue was last seen on May 27 2023 in the popular LA Times Crossword.

99%SWELLBalloonLA Times
20%BURSTPop, as a balloonNewsday
20%BURSTPop as a balloonUniversal
20%AIRHot-balloon connectorUniversal
20%AIRIt's found in a balloonNew York Times
20%GROWMushroom or balloonWall Street Journal


To grow larger; to dilate or extend the exterior surface or dimensions, by matter added within, or by expansion of the inclosed substance; as, the legs swell in dropsy; a bruised part swells; a bladder swells by inflation.
To increase in size or extent by any addition; to increase in volume or force; as, a river swells, and overflows its banks; sounds swell or diminish.
To rise or be driven into waves or billows; to heave; as, in tempest, the ocean swells into waves.
To be puffed up or bloated; as, to swell with pride.
To be inflated; to belly; as, the sails swell.
To be turgid, bombastic, or extravagant; as, swelling words; a swelling style.
To protuberate; to bulge out; as, a cask swells in the middle.
To be elated; to rise arrogantly.
To grow upon the view; to become larger; to expand.
To become larger in amount; as, many little debts added, swell to a great amount.
To act in a pompous, ostentatious, or arrogant manner; to strut; to look big.
To increase the size, bulk, or dimensions of; to cause to rise, dilate, or increase; as, rains and dissolving snow swell the rivers in spring; immigration swells the population.
To aggravate; to heighten.
To raise to arrogance; to puff up; to inflate; as, to be swelled with pride or haughtiness.
To augment gradually in force or loudness, as the sound of a note.
The act of swelling.
Gradual increase.
Increase or augmentation in bulk; protuberance.
Increase in height; elevation; rise.
Increase of force, intensity, or volume of sound.
Increase of power in style, or of rhetorical force.
A gradual ascent, or rounded elevation, of land; as, an extensive plain abounding with little swells.
A wave, or billow; especially, a succession of large waves; the roll of the sea after a storm; as, a heavy swell sets into the harbor.
A gradual increase and decrease of the volume of sound; the crescendo and diminuendo combined; -- generally indicated by the sign.
A showy, dashing person; a dandy.
Having the characteristics of a person of rank and importance; showy; dandified; distinguished; as, a swell person; a swell neighborhood.

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